You Are Not Fat, You Have Fat

It’s September, and it’s cold and dark in the town of Kilkenny, (South Ireland) in the early mornings. After I have sat on my bedside for at least 2 minutes, trying to gather the energy to get up, I drag myself from the bed to go downstairs to grab a coffee before the shower. I turn on the T.V and every dam morning by default, some American girl and guy are doing crunches and sit-ups on a machine that will “change your life”. The T.V. takes a few moments to come on, so I usually hear this dribble from the kitchen. 6 A.M, in my underwear, the world trying to remind me of how I don’t look, “Shyte off”  I mutter loudly and turn on the news headlines.

In today’s world, we have a conflicting rise of media portraying how we should look, versus the reality of increasing obesity. Media is not always representative of reality.

I`m not fat, I have a couple of pounds I would like to get rid of but I have an OK body. I guess I`m writing this post to try and inspire some people who are struggling with their weight and share my knowledge from both my experience and scientific background. What`s more, an Irish man is direct and won`t bull.  I was once a fitness fanatic for over a decade, but I gave it up. That’s my next post for another day! I`m trying my best to maintain a balanced lifestyle now and find that “in-between”. Previously I helped people train and work on diets while also working in science (I`m a biologist) which helped give some accreditation.

Having more fat than others (because that is all it is) can have a lot of stigma attached. People can be mean. Lets take them little pricks out of it now, who cares what they think?. It’s about what you think and want. If your happy with your weight great! To hell with everyone else. If your not, then, let us make the assumption you want to change it for you.

Fat is not permanent.  You are not fat, you have fat. You have toes, that does not mean you are a toe!

People have asses that does not mean that…..wait scratch that one.. that’s the one exception, some people are asses. You get the drift. Fat is a luggage you carry around with you, that, when you really want to drop it, you can. The real problem is, it is not so easy for some of us to let go and change our ways. Some of that luggage has been with us awhile, some of it contains the savory or sweet things we love to take out when we are stressed, happy, upset, hurt etc. What we need to understand is that you do not need to leave those behind completely. Compromise, carry smaller luggage containing the same things you love!

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